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Custom Software Development

191 Drug Abuse Counseling And Support Line


191 Drug Abuse Counseling and Support Line is a counseling line where clients who want to receive information and treatment for other addictive substances can receive 24/7 service. Frequently asked questions and the answers to be given to these questions are defined in the software to provide fast and effective service to clients.

Based on the answers given by clients to the questions, an addiction score can be automatically obtained. Customer representatives also provide support to the client throughout the treatment process by providing recommendations based on this score.

Appointments are made on behalf of the client to the treatment centers, and support is provided to the client during the treatment process. The number of available beds in the clinics is seen through integration, allowing for the selection of a suitable center for clients who want to start treatment.

In addition, the addiction profiles of addictive substances are detailed through the reporting module, and treatment methods are determined based on this data. 191 Drug Abuse Counseling and Support Line provides an effective service in combating addiction and helps clients to achieve a healthy life.

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