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Custom Software Development

TCDD 131 Operations Management System


The Republic of Turkey State Railways Alo 131 Operation Management System is a 24/7 call center where faults related to the Level Crossing are communicated and calls from various regions of Turkey are transferred to the relevant units. After filling in the relevant fields in the case form, the location information of the level crossing failure is recorded. The location information recorded with the Call Center software is transferred to the Train Tracking Zones with the Web software, and it enables the prevention of possible accidents by providing fast response.

Thanks to the VIP Directory defined in the system, incoming calls are prioritized. With the TCDD Directory integration, when a call registered to this directory comes in, it is displayed with the name information and the customer service representative answers knowing who the call is coming from. Thanks to the reporting module, locations where level crossing faults are intense are detected and contributes to taking precautions.

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