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171 Quit Smoking Counseling And Support Line


The Quit Smoking Counseling and Support Line is a counseling center that provides 24/7 service to clients who want to quit tobacco use and receive treatment. Answers to clients' questions and frequently asked questions related to tobacco use are defined in the software. The clients' tobacco use history and their responses to the questions asked are recorded. In addition, appointments are made for clients to the Quit Smoking Clinics.

Integrated with the Tobacco Addiction Treatment Monitoring System, the counseling line follows up the smoking treatment processes of clients who start smoking cessation treatment at certain intervals by calling them. Treatment results are recorded, and through the reporting module, data such as the age at which people start smoking and the average number of cigarettes smoked per day in our country are obtained. Based on these data, smoking cessation treatments are shaped, and more effective treatment methods are determined.

The Smoking Addiction Counseling Line contributes to a healthy life by providing support to those who want to quit tobacco use and receive smoking cessation treatment.

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