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  • What is the call center number where I can get technical information about Armakom software?
    You can get information from the call center at 444 2775
  • In which institutions does Armakom Operations Management Systems software work?
    156 Call Centers 171 Call Centers 191 Call Centers 184 Call Centers 114 Call Centers 187 Call Centers Commercial call centers (444 ….)
  • How can I access the application installation files?
    You can access the installation files by registering the Armakom 444 2775 call center according to the relevant project.
  • What are the minimum configuration information for the application?
    There are configuration changes according to the operator to be used for the system and the expected number of instant calls. You can learn about the minimum configurations you need by preparing your relevant criteria and contacting the call center at 444 2775
  • What hardware is required for program installation?
    After examining your existing hardware structure before software applications, necessary advice and suggestions are given by our technical staff in line with the configuration selected for you.
  • Where can I use Operation Management Software?
    You can use it to answer and manage complaints, suggestions and requests received by the public and private sector by telephone, web and e-mail.


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