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As Armakom Information Technologies, we produce software and turnkey solutions on operation management systems, mobile data communication technologies and Internet of Things (IoT). With the Arvento, Arnido and Armon brands we launched, we offer technologies for the end consumer.

Kuşbakışı Toplantı Masası


The solutions we have developed thanks to our experienced staff, the knowledge we have on our subject and our business partnerships with Turkey's leading technology companies are being used in many institutions and organizations as of today and are rapidly spreading with the customer satisfaction obtained.


Armakom's success in home markets is now being carried over to travel markets. Arvento Vehicle Tracking Systems (, of which we are the founding partner in Vehicle Tracking Systems, continues to maintain the market in Turkey and achieves many new successes every day. The developed products are exported to 28 different countries in 3 continents as of today.

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Ardio provides communication over the internet using smart phones and/or push-to-talk devices without installing a traditional radio infrastructure.

Regardless of brand and model of the smart phone, teams or work teams in the field can communicate with each other instantly and simultaneously.

Each user can send broadcast messages, make two way voice/video calls by pressing a PTT button without any need to carry an additional device.  

In addition to providing radio communication, Ardio also provides video PTT, live broadcast, location tracking, text or multimedia message services.

Unlimited coverage, affordable cost, ease of use and lack of maintenance cost provide great advantages compared to the conventional radio infrastructure.


With our Arnido Smart Home System ( solutions we have developed, you can manage all your electrical devices via your smart phone without making any renovations in your home.


Armon Gate

With our new generation Armon Cloud Based Access Control System ( solutions, you can easily control all entrances and exits in your workplace or site from a single center.

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